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During the first year of my presidency at the College of the Holy Cross, we engaged Susan Pierce to lead the board, faculty, and administration toward improved collaboration around a common understanding of shared governance. Susan’s style was warm and engaging, and I was particularly impressed with her ability to be an active and engaged listener.  She conducted numerous group conversations and 1:1 meetings with members of the board, faculty, and administration, and she inspired confidence across a very diverse group of people.  As a new president, I was particularly appreciative of her wide-ranging perspective from a diverse set of colleges and universities around the country.  She was able to offer very useful advice in real time on a number of issues that I was facing related to governance and community climate that emerged naturally as part of her consulting work with our community.  Her final report was excellent and concise, and it immediately became an important point of reference for us as we have worked to nurture a healthy culture of shared governance at Holy Cross. I recommend Susan highly.  She is an excellent partner and advisor for this important work.