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Working with Susan Resneck Pierce is an enriching experience professionally and personally. She engages fully with all constituencies, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as genuine interest in the institutions with which she works and the people who serve those institutions. Personally, she has been a source of invaluable counsel to me on a variety of issues during my tenure here.

I first worked closely with Susan when in 2007 I was a candidate in the Ohio Wesleyan presidential search for which she served as the consultant. Since then, Susan has done additional projects for Ohio Wesleyan. In addition to being available to me as an advisor, Susan has successfully facilitated an important board retreat and worked with the board, the administration and the faculty on shared governance. A few years ago, we participated in a panel for the CIC President’s Institute, which Susan put together and moderated.

In all these roles, Susan has been an active and perceptive listener who inspires the respect of and collaboration among those with whom she works (even when they have opposing views). An experienced president, she truly understands the demands of the presidency and the relationship of the president to the board, the faculty, the staff, the students and the alumni. She also has a keen and informed understanding of the daunting challenges now facing our colleges and universities.

From those understandings, she provides guidance that is sound and creative.