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I cannot speak highly enough about the highest quality experience we had working with Dr. Susan Pierce. I also cannot imagine where we would be without her support of our efforts over the past year.
Dr. Pierce’s expertise and her extraordinary ability to engage multiple stakeholders in complex, sometimes fraught, conversations about shared governance profoundly and positively affected the culture and climate here at Clarkson University. Indeed, Dr. Pierce’s ability to quickly establish trust with the faculty and create inclusive spaces for dialog, even while remote due to COVID-19, are testament to her integrity, honesty, and kindness. With Dr. Pierce’s able partnership, Clarkson’s faculty, administration, and board of trustees developed a common understanding of faculty governance and shared governance. With common understanding and a renewed culture of transparency and trust, we have enacted positive, transformational policies, procedures, and processes. Thanks in very large part to the work Dr. Pierce did with us, we are, as a university, more united in purpose and more aligned in action than we have been in a long time.