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Susan Pierce has been a real asset to Defiance College.   We’ve welcomed Susan to our campus for four different projects, ranging from broad-based organizational reviews to faculty governance and key board policy matters.
Susan’s style of engagement gains the trust and respect of the campus community, which has been critical to the identification of the key issues and opportunities.  Her independent, outside-looking-in recommendations are focused and action-oriented.  Her higher education experience as a leader and consultant lends credibility and weight to her insights and recommendations.   We have adopted most all of her recommendations and, as a result, realized significant organizational value.
Susan comes onto the job extremely well-prepared, enabling her to quickly get to the heart of the matter at hand.  While she operates with a project plan, we’ve also greatly appreciated her flexibility to adapt and change her approach when the situation calls for it.
I have personally and professionally enjoyed working with Susan at Defiance College.
Defiance College