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Susan Resneck Pierce first worked with Ohio Wesleyan when she facilitated the very successful presidential search that brought Rock Jones to the campus in July of 2008.

Throughout that process, Susan served as more than a search consultant. She helped the campus and the board understand the landscape of higher education and, even more importantly, helped us first to identify our institutional challenges, opportunities and priorities and then to define the qualities and the experience we wanted our next president to have. Thanks to Susan’s guidance, we got it right.

Because Susan had clearly earned the respect of all campus constituencies, at the conclusion of the search, in my role as chair of the board, I retained her to advise the board and President-Elect Jones about the transition and also to work with the faculty, the administration and the trustees to come to a shared understanding of the best practices of shared governance.

In recent years, I think it fair to say that we at Ohio Wesleyan have continued to benefit from Susan’s vast experience expressed in her many essays and two recent books. We have also appreciated her availability to us to discuss on an ad hoc basis matters both large and small.

In short, it gives me great pleasure to offer an unqualified recommendation of Susan Pierce’s work as a consultant in the arena of higher education. You will enjoy working with her.