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Susan Pierce is a “go to” person for Carroll College. The Board of Trustees retained her shortly after I was appointed president in 2012 to advise it and me about the transition, about governance, about effective board performance and how to move forward on strategic planning. In doing so, Susan facilitated two board of trustee retreats, a retreat for members of my Cabinet and a faculty retreat which were important parts of the College being able to come together effectively and very quickly on a new strategic plan. She has clearly earned the respect of all campus constituencies.

Subsequently, Susan has advised me, members of my staff and some trustees about an array of matters. She has been very helpful to our building a successful advancement operation, has given us good guidance about some complicated aspects of our handbook and perhaps most importantly been available to talk with me confidentially about how to address the inevitable problems and even crises that seem to be part of the normal life of a college president.

Those conversations have been extremely helpful to me since Susan brings to them her wealth of experience both as a president and an expert on the presidency.

On a more personal note, Susan has become a trusted friend. We remain in contact beyond matters pertaining to the college. She is someone I know I can count on to give honest and caring advice taking into consideration personal as well as institutional circumstances.

There are few people I know who are as responsive “around the clock” as Susan. Simply put, she is “there for you” when you need her.