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Dr. Susan Resneck Pierce is a tremendous and insightful resource for higher education today and the future. As the headwinds of the sector continue to shift, Pierce is highly relevant and thought-provoking in her counsel to presidents, governing boards, and key leaders alike.

As president of an innovative higher education system comprised of multiple colleges and universities, I have experienced Pierce’s uncanny ability to bring broader perspective and solutions to a wide array of areas and audiences. She has been instrumental in synthesizing and validating lessons learned to drive strategy and enhanced performance at all levels. The impact of her work is clearly evidenced by the enriched strengths of leaders, improvements to shared governance, and institutional effectiveness—all of which ultimately benefit our core constituency and purpose: students.

Engagement with Dr. Susan Resneck Pierce is a distinct and prolific experience that can only serve as a catalyst for success. She is truly a leader among leaders.

The TCS Education System