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There are consultants, and there is Susan Pierce. With stellar credentials that include an
extraordinarily successful college presidency, she brings deep knowledge, experience, expertise,
and insight to her work. As a former college president, she understands not only the job of the
president, but relationships with their boards, faculty, staff and students. As a former faculty
member, she understands the relationships of faculty with their institutions. She relates easily to
every constituency, listens well, observes objectively, and provides forward looking suggestions
designed for the specific client. She learns about the traditions and history of each institution. In
short, her work product is excellent.

But there is more. Susan Pierce is savvy, honest, and a genuine pleasure to work with. She is one of
those people with whom others just want to talk and share their views and stories. She loves her
work and cares about the institutions and people she serves. There are consultants, and there is
Susan Pierce.