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Privacy Policy

Web Service & Personal Data Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how SRP Consulting, LLC (“we”) processes your personal data and operates conjointly with our Terms & Conditions found here. Our Privacy Policy uses terms defined by our Terms & Conditions. Please read it carefully, as it specifies your rights and how to exercise them.

Our web service

Our Website design includes a system that attempts to determine the quality of messages and comments posted to our Website and more specifically attempts to determine whether these messages and comments are to be considered as inappropriate commercial, or unsolicited, messages (“spam”). Frequently, websites that allow visitors to contribute or post comments (such as blogs, discussion forums, wikis, etc.) are bombarded with Spam that is unsightly and confusing for all visitors and are sometimes even highly illegal. These Spam are often uploaded in an automatic way using bots and other scripts. Our system is designed to screen messages and comments before they are posted to the website and marks those that are suspicious as Spam.

How it works

When you visit our Website, our servers collect some technical data about you (web browser type, IP address) and also track which pages you visit on our site. As long as you are not logged in, this information is fairly anonymous and we will use it only to create anonymous statistics. We may provide the information collected about you if, it is required or the improvement of our Website or systems, OR in cases of fraud or other criminal activities, we are subpoenaed to do so by competent legal authorities.

When you post a message or comment on our Website, it may provide you with an additional question to find out whether you are in fact a human being, and not a machine trying to send out as much spam as possible. After this initial check, the website’s server will send your message or comment along with some data about your identity (eg. your IP address, name or nickname, email address and OpenID) to our Web site’s analysis systems. The data received will then be compared with all elements in our database, and perform several complex statistical computations to assess the quality of your message (e.g., spam, abuse, etc.).

If the system determines that the content of your message is of insufficient quality or constitutes spam or abuse, it will alert the website’s administration. The website system may append a flag to your message and redirect to a holding area (“Spam Folder”). If for any reason the system is uncertain about the quality of the message, it may forward your message to a human moderator who will assess the quality of your message and act accordingly. Please note that it is possible that our system or moderators inaccurately determine the quality of the content of your message, or incorrectly audit your message as spam or abuse.

What we store about you

All information and data provided to us by the website are stored in one format or another. This includes, to the extent of the Website’s abilities, the following personal data about you: the content of your message, your name or nickname, IP address, user ID, OpenID, email address, URL of your website, and the date and time you posted a message or comment.

We take privacy seriously.

If we grant the privilege of self-publishing to our blogs, you will become a registered account holder and user. Your user account will leave some additional traces of your identity including contact details, login, etc. However, unless we are legally forced to do so, we will not combine our server logs to create detailed tracking of your behavior or sessions on our website.

How long we store this data

Your data is stored in our databases. After a period of two months, we may choose to store your data in an anonymized way for a period of two years.

How we use your personal data

We use the personal data collected from you by our Website to make a determination about the quality of your message and to ascertain if your message constitutes spam. The Website system compares your data with all the other data of all other users in our databases. Your data may also be used to make similar assessments for all of our web-based platforms.  The more information and data stored in our databases, the better our systems can flag spam and determine whether a message or comment is genuine.

While we sometimes provide statistical information (trends, numbers, etc.) generated from our databases and analytics to third-parties (eg. consultants, analysts), be confident that you cannot be identified on the basis of this statistical information.

We hate spam as much as you do, we will never provide your email address to third parties, and we will never send any spam ourselves to you.

Also note that we can provide access to your personal data in case of illegal or abusive use, or in case we receive orders from a competent legal authority.

How we protect you

We are bound by the strict rules of the United State of America data protection legislation, which prevents us from making unlawful use of your personal data.

Your rights

You have the right to gain access to, correct and/or remove all personal data we store about you on our servers and can be provided to you free of charge. In order to exercise your rights, please contact us.