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Enabling colleges and universities to achieve their goals through enhanced leadership, governance, effectiveness, strategic planning and collaboration.

A Personal Statement:

I customize my work for each of my clients. As many of my testimonials indicate, I have worked with a number of colleges, universities and other nonprofit organizations on multiple and diverse projects over a period of years, suggesting the range of my expertise and the value that those who engage me believe that I add.

I begin every consulting project by learning as much as I can about the college or university: its history, culture, values, challenges and opportunities. Prior to a campus visit, I review relevant documents and, if requested, talk to pertinent members of the administration, faculty, staff and board by phone. In some instances, I ask people anonymously to fill out an on-line survey. I then typically spend several days on campus meeting with both individuals and groups whose perspectives are critical to my understanding the issue or issues at hand. Once I have arrived at initial conclusions and recommendations but before finalizing them in a formal written report, I test these conclusions and recommendations with the president or trustees who have retained me.

I am a sole practitioner and so do not delegate any aspect of my consulting to others. Depending on the scope and duration of the work, I offer both hourly and project fees.

“University presidents are burning out like so many moths in a room filled with lit candles. Governance Reconsidered provides an antidote to this melancholy circumstance. To read this book is to experience the scales falling from one’s eyes about the management and governance of America’s colleges and universities. In one of the most daunting times since the Great Depression. Pierce has identified the most consequential contemporary challenges to the institutions of higher education and their leaders and has provided answers that are insightful and informed by reflection and practice.” ~ Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, President Emeritus, George Washington University

“I’ve read a few books on the role of the college president, and not one of them compares to this. Dr. Pierce’s style is breezy and engaging. She makes her points via case studies and examples, rather than vague generalities. Much of her advice I’ve heard nowhere else. It’s like having an experienced friend next to you whispering in your ear.

The chapter on the presidential search process alone is worth the price of this book. Thanks partly to that advice, I landed a president’s job on my first try. I know I will re-read many times the chapters on being an effective president. One valuable tip from Dr. Pierce: If you ever have a presidential residence, know that renovating it can become a huge issue on campus! Seriously, a great book.” ~ Scott Dalrymple (New York, NY)